Golden State Workers’ Compensation in San Lorenzo

An injury can completely change your life, especially the one that leaves you disabled. Without the ability to perform regular work duties, you will lose your stable source of income. Beside pain and constant stress, you won’t be able to provide for your family. Your life will turn upside down.

The only solution comes through workers compensation. It is a program developed by the state, which protects injured individuals and entitles them to certain financial benefits to compensate for their inability to work and pain endured.

If you received an injury at work, you may be entitled to these financial benefits. To learn more about the program or to see if you are eligible to receive them, speak to an attorney from Golden State Workers Compensation in San Lorenzo. We also extend our services in San Lorenzo’s environs, such as San Ramon and others.

Work Comp Attorneys in San Lorenzo

As soon as you give us a call, we will schedule a consultation for you, where you will be able to find out everything about workers compensation claim, the state laws and the program itself. Our attorneys have been through this lot of times, and have the right skill set to solve your case in a timely manner. They are ready to start working on your case straight away.

Once you sustain the injury, make sure to notify your superiors so that they can file for your work comp claim. Once you receive the answer and if your claim is denied or delayed, reach out to an attorney and seek legal advice. Denied or delayed claim does not represent the end of it. In fact, the chances are that your work comp claim will initially get delayed or denied since it is in the insurance company’s interest to protect its investors. As soon as this happened, let our attorneys know and they will solve the situation for you, have your work comp claim reevaluate by the Administration and eventually, approved.

If you are asked to sign a certain document or statement, we highly encourage you not to do it. You may be signing something that does not benefit you without you even knowing it. Have an attorney take a look at it before you sign it, to ensure that your interests are protected. 

San Lorenzo Work Comp Lawyers

The first thing you should do after receiving an injury is seek medical care. Your health should be your priority, and only after you have taken care of it, you should notify your superiors of your injury and the accident that took place at your work. They should be by now notified of the accident, but may be unaware that you received an injury or developed a condition from that accident. Let them know how it happened and under what circumstances, and they will file for your workers compensation claim.

Once your work comp claim is filled, you will lose the right to sue your employer or the company you work for. 

San Lorenzo Work Injury Attorney

All of our attorneys work on contingency; this means that you will not be required to send us any down payments or pay for anything in the process, and we will not charge you for our services until your case is solved and you receive financial benefits. Only then will you be charged accordingly for our services. Now that you know that you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, give us a call. Dial(510) 926-4053 and speak to one of our attorneys. We are available every day during business hours. If unable to call, write us an email. We are here for you, and would love to help you get your life back. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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