Hearing Loss Lawyer in Oakland

Hearing Loss Lawyer in Oakland

Shocking statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal approximately 22 million workers are exposed to dangerous levels of noise at work every year across the nation. Statistics from the CDC also show a shocking 24 percent of hearing problems experienced by workers are caused by occupational hazards.

What are dangerous noise levels? According to experts, noise levels at 85 decibels or higher can cause permanent damage. To better understand noise levels, it’s important to understand how sound is measured. Decibels are used to measure sound pressure. Much like a temperature, the decibel scale starts at zero (the most subtle sound). A conversation with a friend averages 60 decibels and the sound of rustling leaves measures 0 decibels on the scale. The average power tool emits 100 decibels of sound. Exposure to 100 decibels or more for one workday (8 hours) can cause permanent hearing damage!

Hearing Loss Attorney in Oakland

Hearing loss occurs when the microscopic hair cells found inside the cochlea (inner ear) are damaged by prolonged or instantaneous exposure to high decibels of sound. Although most hearing loss occurs from prolonged exposure to high decibels, hearing loss can occur by a one time exposure to high levels of sound (e.g. gun shot or explosion). There are many symptoms of hearing loss, such as distorted or muffled sounds, ringing in the ears, constant need to turn volume up, and difficulty hearing high or low pitches.

In some cases, hearing loss can also be caused by disease, traumatic injury, and certain medications. Traumatic injury is one of the leading causes of occupational hearing loss. Injury to one or more ear can occur in many different types of workplace accidents, such as a motor vehicle accident, industrial accident, equipment accident or slip and fall accident.

Hearing Loss Lawyers in Oakland

The loss of hearing in one or both ears can be devastating physically, financially, and emotionally. Workers suffering from hearing loss are often forced to take time off work to recover and end up being displaced at work.
As a victim of occupational hearing loss, you may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, temporary or permanent disability, and vocational rehabilitation.

Hearing Loss Attorneys in Oakland

If you file a workers compensation claim benefits and your claim was denied or delayed, don’t wait to seek the counsel of our skilled hearing loss lawyer, Oakland head brain injury lawyers at Golden State Workers Compensation. They know the tactics insurance companies use to deny or delay claims and will stay one step ahead to ensure you are not denied what you deserve.

Oakland Hearing Loss Lawyer

To ensure you are given the best possible chance to get the best possible results, contact an experienced hearing loss attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation right now. Our group can be reached by phone at 510-926-4053 or by email. Consultations are free and all of the Oakland workers compensation lawyers we work with will represent your case on a no win, no fee basis. Call now before too much time passes and you are not permitted to move forward with the work comp process.

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