Golden State Workers Compensation FAQs

Golden State Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if workers’ compensation will cover me?

A. The skilled workers comp attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation know it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are covered by work comp. Typically, two main factors determine your eligibility for work comp: whether or not you were employed at the time of the accident and whether or not your injury occurred “within the scope of employment.” Please keep in mind, these two factors do not guarantee coverage. If you were intoxicated or intentionally harmed yourself while at work, you may not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Contact a knowledgeable work comp lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation to find out if you are eligible to pursue work comp benefits.

Q. I was injured while on the road for work. Can I collect work comp benefits if I wasn’t at the office when injured?

A. If you were injured while on the road for work, you may be able to get benefits for an injury. Your ability to collect benefits will be determined by a number of factors, such as if the injury is related and occurs “within the scope of employment.” For example: if you must travel for work and you were injured at the hotel you were staying at for business purposes, you will likely be covered under work comp.

If you were injured while attending a work-sponsored event like a company picnic, you may also be covered under work comp. If you are uncertain if your injury occurred within the scope of employment, please do not hesitate to talk to a dedicated imr lawyers in Oakland or stress injury attorneys Oakland at Golden State Workers Compensation. They can quickly determine your eligibility and get you on the right legal path.

Q. I’m receiving work comp benefits, but have considered returning to work part time. Will I lose my benefits if I go back to work?

A. If you return to work and your wages are greater than or equal to the wages you were earning before your injury occurred, it’s likely benefits will be stopped. However, if you were previously working full time and your doctor is recommending you only return to work part time, you may still be awarded benefits for lost earnings. Keep in mind: the amount awarded will be a reduced amount reflecting your part time wages.

Q. How can a work comp attorney help me?

A. In addition to determining your ability to collect work comp benefits, a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer will:

  • Prepare and submit paperwork
  • Handle all talks with your employer and the insurance company
  • Dispel any doubts the insurance company has about the validity of your work injury or illness
  • Get you the highest amount of compensation possible under the law

To speak one on one with an aggressive work comp attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation, call 510-926-4053 right now. The initial consultation is free and completely confidential. Concerned about the cost of quality legal representation? Don’t be. All of the work comp lawyers we work with don’t get paid till you do.