Denied Case Lawyers in Oakland

Denied Case Lawyers in Oakland

Learning your claim was denied if oftentimes shocking, disheartening, angering, and frustrating. Why was your claim denied? Is it possible to challenge the insurance company’s decision? Although it may seem like the end of the road, don’t despair.

Your denied claim can be challenged, however, it’s best to let a dedicated denied claim Oakland workers compensation attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation handle the appeals process. Appealing a denied claim can be a difficult task for the inexperienced. Any misstep or minor error could prevent a successful outcome. Why risk your once chance to get benefits for medical care, lost earnings, and vocational training? Let an aggressive denied claim lawyer in our group put their years of experience to work for you.

Denied Claim Attorneys in Oakland

Work comp claims are denied for a number of reasons. The letter you received from the insurance company should state why your claim was denied. The insurance company may have stated:

  • Inconclusive evidence connecting accident and injury
  • Ambiguous date of injury
  • Supervisor was not informed of the injury at all or within 30 days of the injury date
  • Inconclusive evidence supporting injury occurred at work
  • Injury was pre-existing

Denied Case Lawyer in Oakland

The state only allows injured workers a certain amount of time to file the paperwork needed to appeal a denied claim. If you decide to challenge the denial of your claim, you must file an Application of Adjudication of Claim form at one of the work comp division’s local offices. Once the form has been filed, your case will be heard before a judge. You’ll have one chance to be heard by the judge, so make sure your voice is heard – retain the services of an ethical denied case attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation.

Denied Claim Attorney in Oakland

In addition to representing you on your behalf in court, a knowledgeable denied claim lawyers, chemical exposure lawyer Oaklandconstruction accident attorneys in OaklandOakland crps injury lawyers and  Oakland delayed case attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation can make sure all of the required paperwork is correctly filled out and submitted on time. They will also:

  • Gather and interview witnesses – expert medical and injury witnesses, eyewitnesses
  • Gather evidence – conduct a thorough investigation to uncover key evidence
  • Handle negotiations – represent you when negotiating with the insurance company
  • Keep you notified – frequent and constant communication with you on the status of your case
  • Fight for what’s right – fight for the highest amount of compensation possible

Oakland Denied Case Lawyers

Did you know injured workers who retain a skilled denied case attorney typically recover up to four times more compensation than workers who do not seek legal help? When you call Golden State Workers Compensation, we will connect you with a top work comp attorney in our group free of charge. To arrange a time to speak with a caring denied claim lawyer call 510-926-4053. The initial consultation is free and if you hire the attorney we connect you with, you won’t pay any legal fees until they win your case.