Shoulder & Elbow Injury Lawyers in Oakland

Shoulder Injury Lawyers in Oakland

Although the shoulder is commonly thought of as one entity, it is comprised of several joints. These joints are joined by tendons and muscles, which together allow the shoulder to perform a wide range of movements. Of all the joints in the human body, the shoulder has the greatest range of motion. The ability to achieve a wide range of motion is a great feature for functioning, but it can also leave the shoulder vulnerable to injury.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), most shoulder problems fall into one of four categories: instability (dislocation), fractures, arthritis, and tendon inflammation. Symptoms of a shoulder injury can include swelling, pain, open wounds, stiffness, weakness, “popping” noises, and inability to perform certain movements.

Elbow Injury Attorneys in Oakland

A large percentage of elbow injuries are related to repetitive strain. Injuries caused by repetitive strain often go undetected until symptoms become debilitating. How do repetitive strain injuries occur? Repeated strain or stress placed on the elbow joint can result in micro trauma to the bone, muscles or tendons. For example, a worker who uses their elbows and shoulders every day to lift heavy objects overhead can unknowingly put excessive strain on the elbow joint. Symptoms of a repetitive stress injury include tenderness, stiffness, tingling sensation, cramping, and muscle weakness.

Shoulder Injury Lawyer in Oakland

Without the use of the shoulder or elbow, it would be impossible to extend or retract your arm. It would also be very difficult to perform many of the movements most people take for granted (e.g. lifting, pulling, and pushing). As you can see, injury to the shoulder or elbow can have a profound effect on your ability to function. If your shoulder or elbow injury is preventing you from performing your job, you may be suffering financially as well.

If you suffered a shoulder or elbow injury in a workplace accident, you don’t have to suffer both physically and financially. The state’s workers’ compensation system can offer both medical and financial assistance. To begin the claims process, all you have to do is inform work about your injury and fill out a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC1). Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, what should be a simple and clear-cut process oftentimes is not. For help navigating the confusing and complicated work comp claim process, look to a qualified workers compensation lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation. They have years of experience handling  complex cases and our head brain injury lawyer Oaklandhearing loss lawyer  in Oaklandback neck injury attorneys in Oakland and  Oakland hand injury attorney  can get you the results you need and deserve.

Elbow Injury Attorney in Oakland

Why risk losing help for medical care, lost wages, and job retraining? Contact a dedicated elbow injury lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation today for a free case consultation. Our group can be reached anytime of the day or night by filling out a case contact form. You can also reach our group by calling 510-926-4053 right now. Every case is taken on a no win, no fee guarantee.