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You were injured on the job and have heard of workers’ compensation, but you’re not quite sure what it is or how it can help you. In the state of California, workers’ compensation is a statutory system designed to take the place of common law negligence. Simply put, the work comp system is a no fault system. If you’re injured on the job, you’re entitled to compensation whether or not your employer acted negligently or carelessly. Although the system eliminates long court cases, it does limit the amount of compensation awarded.

Work Comp Lawyers in Oakland

After being injured at work, you may have been met with opposition from your employer or their insurance carrier. A system designed to assist hurt and suffering workers should be sympathetic to their needs, right? Unfortunately, the work comp system (a system designed to help injured workers) can be a difficult system to navigate without the help of a skilled work comp attorney.

Insurance companies want to keep costs low and will employ many tactics to pay you as little as possible or not at all. In some cases, anonymous administrators unfamiliar with the worker have the final say on whether or not the medical request if approved. Shockingly, some of these administrators are not even doctors!

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Oakland

In order for you to obtain benefits, you must:

  • Tell your boss or supervisor about the injury (verbally or in writing) within 30 days of the injury occurring
  • File a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC1)
  • File a Declaration Pursuant to Labor Code 4906 (g) form
  • File an Application for Adjudication of Claim form (if you anticipate any disputes with your employer or insurance company, it’s recommended you complete this form and submit with the DWC1 form)

It’s important to note: you have a limited amount of time to submit the required forms. As mentioned above, you only have 30 days from the date the injury occurred to tell your boss about the injury. Waiting too long to notify work could make it very difficult to for you to obtain benefits. As with most legal matters, quick action is imperative.

Work Comp Lawyer in Oakland

At Golden State Workers Compensation, our experienced work comp attorneys can make sure you act within the time limits outlined by the state. They will keep your case on track to ensure your right to benefits is not jeopardized. Making sure you meet time limits is an important part of what the aggressive work comp lawyers in our group do, but it’s not the only part of the case they will handle when hired. They will leave no stone unturned when assembling your case and will work tirelessly to:

  • Ensure talks with your employer and the insurance company end successfully
  • Keep you updated on the status of your case
  • Gather evidence supporting your claim
  • Track down and interview eyewitnesses
  • Ensure the value of your case is not underestimated by the insurance company
  • Work alongside medical experts and life care planners

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Oakland

The knowledgeable workers’ comp attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation have years of experience handling work comp cases and have represented cases stemming from:

  • One specific accident or incident resulting in a back injury, neck injury, spinal cord injury, hand injury, wrist injury, knee and leg injury, head injury, foot injury, brain injury, shoulder injury, elbow injury or any other type of acquired injury
  • Illnesses or disease caused by instantaneous or prolonged exposure to a toxic chemical substance, such as arsenic, asbestos, formaldehyde, pesticides, lead, mercury or any other type of dangerous chemical
  • Injuries caused by repetitive stress (e.g. performing the same motion over and over again) like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, sprains, and strains
  • Excessive stress or hostile work environments resulting in depression, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety, sleep disorders, immune deficiencies, and other types of severe conditions
  • Tragic deaths caused by a work accident or prolonged exposure to toxic substances

Work Comp Lawyers in Oakland

At Golden State Workers Compensation, one of the questions we get asked frequently is, “When should I file a work comp claim?” In most cases, once you notify your employer, they should provide you a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC1) within one working day. However, if they do not provide you with a DWC1 form, you must download a copy of the form located on the division’s website. Fill out and submit the form immediately to prevent any problems later in the claims process.

If you did not file a DWC1 form within the time permitted, don’t wait to contact a qualified work comp lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation. They may be able to assist you if the circumstances surrounding your case were unique. For example, if your employer did not inform you of your right to file a workers compensation claim, your request for medical care may be approved for review.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Oakland

Want to learn more about Golden State Workers Compensation? Please call our legal team at 510-926-4053 to arrange a time to discuss your potential case privately with an ethical work comp lawyer in our group. All of the lawyers we work with have years of experience representing injured workers and pride themselves on treating every client as they would like to be treated. Throughout the years, they have helped numerous clients get maximum recovery for medical costs, lost earnings, vocational rehabilitation, and permanent disability.

If you prefer, you can email our office to arrange a free case review. Simply fill out and submit the case contact form located on this website. After hearing your story, we’ll match you up with an attorney who’s familiar with your type of injury. You won’t have to pay for the referral and you aren’t obligated to hire the work comp lawyer we match you up with. The caring work comp attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation will give you the best chance of getting the best-case results. All cases are taken on a no win, no fee guarantee. Cal now, we are waiting to get your case on track!