Stress Injury Attorneys in Oakland

Stress Injury Attorneys in Oakland

Stress can take many forms and produce many different symptoms. The term, stress injuries, is often used to describe emotional stress symptoms and injuries caused by stress (overuse injuries.) Both types of stress injuries can be debilitating and produce serious side effects.

Stress Injury Lawyers in Oakland

How can an emotional stress injury be work-related? Emotional stress injuries can be caused by a number of different scenarios, such as verbal or physical abuse occurring at work. Occupational stress can also be caused by sexual or verbal harassment, assault, or triggered by a work-related physical injury. Many severe physical injuries, such as brain injuries, can cause serious psychological problems like anxiety or depression. Excessively stressful or hostile work environments can make it extremely difficult for an employee to perform their job and oftentimes, affects their personal life as well.

Stress Injury Attorney in Oakland

Unfortunately, feeling tense or “stressed out” at work is a feeling many American workers experience. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals more than 36 percent of workers feel stressed out during their workday. When asked to rate their daily stress level on a scale of one to 10, the APA study reported that approximately 20 percent of workers rated their daily stress level at a 10.

What are the ramifications of excessive emotional stress? Excessive emotional stress can cause immune deficiencies, sleep disorders, behavioral changes, hypertension, heart disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), ulcers, and in some cases, cancer.

Stress Injury Lawyer in Oakland

As mentioned above, the term stress injuries can also refer to injuries caused by overuse. Overuse injuries occur when an area of the body, usually joints, are subjected to repeated strain or stress. Performing the same motion over and over can lead to overuse injuries. Workers on an assembly line, for example, usually perform the same motion or action over and over on a daily basis. Overuse injuries can cause a number of symptoms, such as stiffness, swelling, pain, tenderness, and popping or clicking sounds. Conditions associated with overuse include tendinitis, strains, sprains, bursitis, stress fractures, and torn muscles.

Oakland Stress Injury Attorneys

Following a work-related emotional stress or overuse injury, it’s highly recommended you don’t attempt the workers’ compensation claims process on your own. Insurance companies are very skeptical of stress injuries and are quick to deny claims involving these types of injuries. Let a competent stress injury attorney or construction accident attorneys Oaklandcrps injury attorneys in Oaklanddelayed case lawyer Oakland or a denied case attorney Oakland at Golden State Workers Compensation be your advocate when taking on your workers’ compensation claim.

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