IMR Lawyers in Oakland

IMR Lawyers in Oakland

You’ve reported your injury, filed a DWC1 form and returned the completed form to your employer. Now, what happens next? It may seem as if there’s not much more to do to collect work comp benefits, but while you wait patiently to learn if your claim has been approved, the insurance company is conducting a review of your claim. The process of reviewing your claim is known as the Utilization Review (UR) process. During the UR process, your employer and claim administrators will determine whether your request for medical care is valid.

IMR Attorneys in Oakland

Unfortunately, for many hurt workers across the state, the UR process does not end well. All too often, suffering workers receive discouraging news – news of denied claim. Does a denied claim mean it’s the end of the road? No! A denied claim does not mean a worker can’t appeal the insurance company’s decision. In fact, to address work comp appeals, legislators implemented the Independent Medical Review (IMR) process. Although implemented to streamline appeal requests, the IMR process has proven to be a headache for frustrated workers.

IMR Lawyer in Oakland

If your work comp claim was denied or modified and you would like to appeal the decision, it would be wise to retain the services of an aggressive IMR attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation. They won’t back down to the demands of insurance companies and will represent you when talking with insurance company representatives. The skilled work comp lawyers we work with will also represent you in court when your case is presented before a judge. Did you know that with their representation, you are much more likely to get a favorable outcome than without their help or with the help of an inexperienced attorney?

IMR Attorney in Oakland

The professional IMR lawyers at Golden State Workers Compensation highly recommend you take quick action when appealing a denied claim. You only have so much time to appeal a denied claim and if too much time passes, will not be allowed to move forward. Get on the phone right now and contact our joint marketing group today to get a free referral to a top IMR attorney or you can consult a crps injury attorneys OaklandOakland delayed case attorneyOakland denied case lawyers or a stress injury attorneys Oakland in the area.

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Reach  workers compensation lawyer Oakland anytime of the day by phone at 510-926-4053. You can also reach a caring member of our staff, by submitting an online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started on the right legal path. As mentioned above, we won’t charge you a cent for our services and you won’t have to pay for the initial case consultation. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to learn that none of the professional IMR lawyers we work with will ask you for a dime until they get you satisfactory results. Contact our group today before strict filing deadlines prevent you from collecting benefits.