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Accidents at work happen every day. Annually, tens of thousands of individuals all over America receive an injury from a work related accident. These injuries are sometimes quite terrifying and leave the injured individual disabled, unable to further perform regular work duties. With working disability, providing for a family is almost impossible. Their lives start heading south, and are filled with stress, pain and everyday suffering.

There is a simple solution, offered through the state’s workers compensation program. If you received an injury at work, you may be entitled to financial benefits offered by the state. These financial benefits serve to help you get back on your feet, and will partially replace your lost income. Also, you will receive fully paid medical care, and transport to and from the doctor’s office.

To find out more about work comp, how it works and what are its benefits, seek professional help and counseling from one of our attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation in Fremont and Hayward. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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When you give us a call, we will schedule an initial consultation for you, completely free of charge. We will bring you up to speed and tell you all about work comp, work comp claim and how to file for it. You are not obliged to hire our Oakland workers compensation attorneys, but if you choose to do so, you will get a team of professionals who will dedicate their time and resources towards your case. They will ensure that you receive the highest settlement possible through work comp system and in a timely manner. If your work comp claim gets denied or delayed, our attorneys will help you with that as well. Don’t let the insurance company intimidate you. Fight for your rights, and do it in the right way. 

Fremont Work Comp Lawyers

All of our attorneys work on contingency, meaning that you will not be charged a single dollar until your case is closed in your favor and you receive your financial benefits. Our firm will pay for everything in between, including the documents and paperwork, as well as court fees and additional fees. You will be charged the allowable percentage under California law once your case is won and you receive your financial benefits.

Our attorneys have  over a decade of combined experience, and have helped hundreds of clients recover their financial benefits. You could be next, and we would love to help you receive this financial aid. Call us today and schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. They are ready to start working on your case straight away, and will dedicate their time and resources towards helping you. 

Fremont Work Injury Attorney

Are you aware of the risks of trying to go through this process alone? You only have one chance to make things right, so why risk losing these financial benefits. Call us today; dial(510) 926-4053 and speak to one of our available attorneys at Golden State Workers Compensation to schedule an initial consultation, completely free of charge. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Call us during business hours, or write us an email. We understand what you are going through, and want to help ease that pain and suffering by taking the workload off of your back. Let us take care of your case for you, while you focus on what is more important for you – your recovery. Sit back at home and relax, while we deal with your employer and the insurance company. Call us now before it is too late, and don’t let your one chance go to waste.

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