Delayed Case Attorney in Oakland

Delayed Case Attorney in Oakland

You never thought it would be this hard to get workers’ compensation benefits, but your claim has been delayed and now, you’re not sure who to trust or where to turn. Why would the insurance company delay your claim? How can you make sure your claim is approved after being delayed?

At Golden State Workers Compensation, the skilled delayed case lawyers  at our firm know you’ve got a lot of questions concerning your delayed claim. They also know how frustrating it can be to learn your case has been delayed and are here to help. Although you will receive benefits while your claim is under review, if the insurance company decides to deny your claim, they will stop paying you benefits. You deserve the maximum amount of benefits possible under the law. The dedicated workers comp attorney Oakland in our firm will fight for your right to full and fair benefits.

Delayed Case Lawyer in Oakland

Your employer and their insurance carrier have 90 days from the date you filed a work comp claim to approve or deny your delayed claim. In most cases, a delayed claim means your claim will be ultimately be denied. However, you can turn your claim in the right direction with the help of a knowledgeable delayed claim lawyer at Golden State Workers Compensation. They will dismantle any doubts the insurance company has about your injury and how your injury was sustained.

Keep in mind; the work comp system is a no-fault system, meaning a worker does not have to prove his injury is work-related if the injury was sustained on the job. However, many for profit employers and insurance companies will delay a claim in an effort to find some piece of “evidence” showing an injury is not work-related. The insurance company doesn’t want to have to pay a worker if they don’t have to and sadly, will employ unethical tactics to deny a claim.

Delayed Case Attorneys in Oakland

Time is an important factor when dealing with a delayed claim. Waiting to speak to an attorney could put your work comp benefits at risk. There is no better time to contact an ethical delayed claim attorney, carpal tunnel syndrome attorneys Oaklandchemical exposure attorney Oaklandconstruction accident attorneys or a crps injury attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation. They will jump through all of the necessary hoops to ensure your case does not end up like so many others – denied. The delayed case lawyers we work with won’t leave any stone unturned in their quest for a just outcome.

Delayed Case Lawyers in Oakland

Don’t despair if you’ve received a letter of delay! Reach out to a caring delayed case attorney at Golden State Workers Compensation right away to ensure your claim is not denied over a minor technicality. They work alongside some of the best in investigation and medicine, and will utilize these experts to help in the workup of your case. Call our group now at 510-926-4053 to schedule a free consultation with an aggressive delayed case lawyer in our firm. If they aren’t able to reverse the initial decision, you won’t owe them any fees.